Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh Scraps!

where do we get all these scraps! Well i am going to make some cards. I have been looking and finding all these bits and pieces and now have a table full. Decided to sit down and create. Just have to get going on it and get it done. I like to put the stamp pieces then look for the scraps to put it together. I also am working on a gallery of photos so you can have some inspiration or ideas.

Monday, March 24, 2008

That Anonymous Store

Well this is the beginning, not of an end. As AJ says a wild ride i like that phrase cause it is true! I have a work area now that looks like those artful ones that is always creating, not the neat tidy ones!

My first inspiration amid all the boxes and caos is a project fufi gave me, it was hard at first to get going on it but i finaly got motivate and the inspiration came out! i put energy and feelings into it and finaly realized i was able to function with getting this done and healing some wounds.

9 years of hard work and the most important thing that we were trying to accomplish has finaly come to the deciding factor and health has priority. The store kept us together and able to manage the miracles of D-Delay /autism and Disasterous diabetes. Luckily my health so far has prevailed my two men in my family!