Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well we finaly got everything organized wth those docs in Texas so we will be going for sure the 25th of june to see if pass all of their testing. Keep our fingers crossed thats where we really want to make it happen! Plus i have family there! double bonus!

So this means i will need to prepare a suitcase of crafting!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

May is down time.

well not for everyone - lots of events go on in May - retailers seem to slow down cause everyone is busy with grads, weddings, and proms and such. Gives us time to reflect on changes and getting things done, I for one has cleared out several boxes and have lot more boxes to go. been tossing things, separating and deciding what i can or will do with such found objects.

Quiet time

Well found objects can destruct you!!! Well i found many things in these boxes that were a get to projects and dreams. I found a block of time cards! i cant stop making cards with them. Now i want to make a book with them. Now to figure how to bind them. Well you can see some cards on under anonymous images. I think the Nick bantock - or distress pads would be cool on them.