Thursday, June 5, 2008


tonight i am pooped - i was carefully trying to speed read to get jd to bed., so i could have a few minutes to reflect my calendar of things to do. Jd said to me just as clear as day - I am going to give Grandma stella a big hug and tell her i love her. I bout fell over and said how are you going to do that? (since she has been gone since 03) he said when i see her i will tell her i miss her. I said how are going to see her ? he said when i go to dallas to see my cousins i will tell her. I said she isnt in dallas he said she is in heaven and imiss her.... i said yes in heaven and we miss her more than you know ( she called him her little man) I said she loved you very much, but she is not in Dallas he said oh.... but her sister is? yep her sister your great aunt! hmmm what he was thinking and trying to tell me bought tears to my eyes. I dooooo miss her more than you know.