Thursday, August 19, 2010

Buttons Galore!

Ok, so i went to Hancocks to get a nice green button to put on a jacket i am trying to make open instead of slip over head, little did i know that there is button galore, As you know i lead a very shelterd life these days lol - but i went to find 3 buttons and found my self wanting to go in debt over buttons.

They have beautiful flavors, styles, and designs of buttons. I was in awe.

so i made a final decison but also thought i need to come back to get some for my scrapbooking and cards. Yep they will work, some real glitzy ones too!

Buttons are wonderful these days.


It amazes me on how people spend or have so much time to spend at their pc, phones and iphones stuff. I call it stuff i guess cause it isnt that important to me other than to keep up quickly with everyone. Like facebook that is quick hi and hellos or ogosh!

I guess my point is with facebook, blog and website, i am still pondering creating a crafting site for swaps we really need something cool and for our Oklahoma gals especially.

It amazed me that while in Dallas there was very limited things to find in crafting, no stamp stores, no scrap stores no magazines! for goodness sake i went all the way to a mall to find a barnes and noble just to discover i was having withdrawls from my crafting friends and products.

This time i am taking some books!