Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh gosh blog kits!

Thanks for the purchases you won't be disappointed! I have a few book kits i will upload hopefully soon. These will be mostly completed and you will just need to add finishing touches by the extra products you will receive with these kits. xoxoxox
Tell your friends!

Now to business

I have some great products and one is these cool frames to work with.

It was much a test as a process to find what i wanted or liked but one completed my brain is working on some ideas now.
Not sure if you make heads or tales out of these but the outcome was more than awesome and i was pleased! I will have at market May 30, Sat for you to view!

Great weather, overcast

Overcast today helped with keeping me upright to get things done in that yard. I have some nervous energy to work out of my system.

but the best thing bout warmer weather is grilling, I love to cook and grilling is the best. I even have a huge smoker! We grilled the chicken and a very rare for us some corn on the cob! and later yes more strawberries! I love homemade marinades with just what ever i cand find. little of this and little of that are the best. I can duplicate most. I love Grandmas idea no measuring thats how i cook!

Plants of many kind

Of course the planting was compliments of me, He started them as seeds and now they were over due to get into the dirt! I spent the whole day out again, getting it all done. It was nice overcast and thank goodness cool. Which i much appreciated. The asapargus garden got all cleaned out in hopes to have some this summer as always.

I use to have 44 rose bushes in my yard yep 44 and now maybe 4 tops lol 9 years of running business has had some neglect on the homefront. One day maybe i will have it up to 10 bushes lol

He has fruit trees of many kind, now tomatoes, cucumbers
squash and much more. and of course the strawberrys as you can see!

Working hard these days.

As our folks get older we gain more work. We live next door so guess what! i inherited yep the yard. lol, i haven't caught up on my own planting and grooming but theirs is looking better and hopefully as we normally have every year a great garden!