Saturday, September 19, 2009

tackle boxes?

Hmm while i was clearing out some things i found a tackle box i got from my fathernlaw it had spring loaded lids like 8 or so back to back. I thought oh dont throw that out i may need it lol.

well after some thought i said hmm got a lot of leftover letters from chipboard i actualy sat down and separated and placed by abc's in these compartments. Wow now i will only have to go to the box and get my letter out of what i am needing and have all my colors and choices in one little box of a's or b's and so on.

but i did have to place abc in one d,e,f in the other and so on. But hey i can find them now.!

so take a second look at those tackle boxes before you toss them, or the ones the guys dont use anymore in the garage! whoo hoo! i will post a pic tmrw!

Friday, September 18, 2009

more art?

Some art?

Hmm can't load pics yet, something slow on blogger I will try later so you can have fun and see some inspiration.

Hope to see you soon, either in private party, art class or just out and about.

More art?

Hope you are have been creating. I have found an abundance of left overs and extras in my many boxes. I am talkin of many left overs. Hope those of you who paricipate in the message i sent gets a chance to recieve the RAK i will be sending to those whom have a chance and get lucky!