Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the otherside of a store you look at things different as i was waiting on customers i found looking across at other items and thinking wow i just had a thought of what i can do with that. It was funny, if i could have found a worktable within a few inches i probably would have said excuse me i need to complete this. So as i waited i had to grab a pen and jot down a few ideas and thoughts.

People laughed at the sayings i had on my cards and i thought they were cheery and funny too! You know you can now just put your own word on cards and it is ok! I saw some real old photos and they were funny just to look at i could automaticaly think of things i would say to the photos. probably 20 years from now a generation will look at our photos and put captions to them too!

I will have to post some cards soon, unfortunately my camera does need some downloading to clean up photos before i can take more.