Monday, March 31, 2008


Huh? well now that i have the time, I can't seem to sleep. I don't actualy go into deep sleep. I turn and think then i turn and wonder. Maybe my internal clock is confused as to what time it is. I do like to wander at night when it is quiet and no questions being asked - the sound of humming from the pc. I actually get some things accomplished but then realize i need to try and get some sleep so i can function in the day. Oh and today would have been perfect it was raining and cool, nothing better than sleeping but i was reading afew pages and realized i still wasnt asleep. I maybe getting less now than when i worked 80 hours a week! I need to ponder this and figure it out. Or i guess i need to be getting alot of cards and pages done. I hope everyone else is getting some sleep and not up reading blogs! ahhaha I do that sometimes cause thats when i find time! Oh and i have to get that gallery done! hey i did get some journals done and i am ready to get some more going.