Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A piece of my heart!

In between all these appointments this past two weeks, i have been running in and out and also been dumping things. You know cleaning out the house or an area? In the process a garage sale, and clearing of a patio that collected items in a quick move. As i was coming home today somewhat exhausted mental and physically i found when i went to change into my work clothes that i lost something precious, (not my kid) but my one and only piece of jewelry that means so much to me.

Most of you know in 03 - July 4th to be exact i lost our mom. In 94' she gave each of us kids a piece of jewelry that she picked out for each of us. This was quite a task for a family whom rarely did gifts or jewelry. She chosen a gold piece from a special store in Mexico took her time to locate the one she wanted each to have. I cherish each day, and it gives me a piece of mind that i am not wandering lost with out her.

She had decide to give each of her adult children a religious icon piece, probably to give us some peace and love from loosing our dad in 92. (hoping we could find some direction in our loss)
We all, including her were still mourning and wandering each day wondering about what ifs and wishes.

Each piece was very unique and had each special meaning.

I couldn't locate it for the life of me! i looked everywhere i tore the trash apart, the car and wandered the yard. With tears almost streaming, my husband said take a break and you will probably find it, maybe it is somewhere you haven't double checked. I thought oh, i am so sad to know i have lost this. I will live i know but is something i always want with me or on me. Just a special piece.

As i walked back from my extra steps everywhere, i went to lock the car and found it next to the porch. Oh my, i was so relieved.

One friend had told me once that after loosing her mom to cancer she had a special hat and she misplaced it and searched everywhere and was so sad to know she lost it. It is funny how we feel a little piece we loose when we know their soul is always with us.

I hope no one has to endure this, it seems inevitable but if you find it great if not, hopefully the memories will serve you always. As they do me daily.