Monday, April 19, 2010

The Stores

And yes the  music is fun, i like more of the older stuff. and miss my cool Santana Tshirt from the early 70's ;(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where we create

Am i the only one who moves my stuff around constantly trying to find that right space or quality area to work.

I find my stuff all over spread out. I finaly made a decision to move shelves and try to compress even more if possible. As i get rid of more stuff, i bring more boxes and find it to be Christmas all over again, and literally finding Christmas paper, Halloween and things i really dont want to deal with.

But, embellishments is a whole different feeling it is like bling!!!! You can always use.

So much stuff is coming out, and again more great paper, how much do we need?
Been working on some on some cards and photos and thats fun.,
Speaking of which i need to post some pics again!

Back to the shelf thing, i found a great dvd shelf that is so thin it will work perfect for stamps so i think i am going that direction and see if i can move my other shelf out and use if for a much other needed space.

So off to cleaning the desk and moving stuff again.