Saturday, September 19, 2009

tackle boxes?

Hmm while i was clearing out some things i found a tackle box i got from my fathernlaw it had spring loaded lids like 8 or so back to back. I thought oh dont throw that out i may need it lol.

well after some thought i said hmm got a lot of leftover letters from chipboard i actualy sat down and separated and placed by abc's in these compartments. Wow now i will only have to go to the box and get my letter out of what i am needing and have all my colors and choices in one little box of a's or b's and so on.

but i did have to place abc in one d,e,f in the other and so on. But hey i can find them now.!

so take a second look at those tackle boxes before you toss them, or the ones the guys dont use anymore in the garage! whoo hoo! i will post a pic tmrw!

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