Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old days!?

In the old days or say 20 years ago? when we didnt have Tim Holtz and distress ink we used actual things like that shoe polish that Dana mentioned in her post to me. We also used actual coffee and tea and actual elmers glue ahahha

Of course with all the cool stuff they think it is faster, which brings to mind i was at a flea market last weekend and some guy yes some guy is selling tshirts that was dyed with Oklahoma red clay mud! and they were cool, little stiff but very dark clay red and prewashed so you won't turn red!

He had vintage american flags i loved them! He also sold red clay dirt in kerr jars for us to be adventerous! hmmm i think we could make tags? but archival/acid free hmmm i wont tell if you wont! lol

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Dana and Daisy said...

I know that red clay will stain clothing permanently. but he;s selling it? Couldn;t we just drive a few miles south and scoop some up for free?

and it is iron oxide that makes it red!