Monday, June 8, 2009


Almost done with all my PC pics! You probably don't think often of how many photos we download. I had over 1,000 in my PC, i love to take pics and save pics and clip art that i didn't realize how many i had overloaded.

Been busy burning my pics and memories to Cd's. Also been busy printing them and sending them to Walgreen's whom have great specials thanks to info i received from Barb! Wow i cant believe how much i have saved printing them out and picking them up.

So now my PC rarely has pics on too long, but be sure to use a sharpie pen so you know when you have downloaded on Cd's you can find what you are looking for! lol! hm mm

Well i got that caught up too and realized what a pain that was when i went to search for a piece of clip art for a project i was working on. Happy printing! and cleaning out the PC of yours.

Save those pics somewhere and print them too, but remember if that PC goes down you still have those pics.

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