Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great item found!

Forget found object, oh my - got a chance to go to flea market and found the most awesome desk. It called to me, been looking for that perfect desk for Johnathon, my little artist whom has more paints and brushes than moi! if you can believe that!

This is a metal desk with french writing! oh my it is sooo cool i think and has a nice drawer.

Mr. little bob Ross just got so involved and we have been working with canvas, acrylic and such which is my fave anyway. He is really getting into it and watches the 3 hour video each day yes! each day! talk about ocd. hmmm lol

I am happy he is into art i had not forced him into it but worked on him getting into some colors instead of black only. But little did i know he would be obsessed and steal my stuff! i have to keep most of mine under lock and key, heave forbid if i leave anything out.

He has got better at not being tempted since he has most of everything i have lol

Pics to follow soon!

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