Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Personal Truth

I was flipping the channels on tv around trying to keep cool. Found my self watching a talk show bout personal truth. Hmm Personal Truth needless to say not many can say they have Personal Truth, and how most are really not happy with their own self. How much has affected them, People perceive what they want but dont really know their own personal truth and that is why so many have issues with personal relationships and friendship. Don't know how to get along with others or leave comments alone cause they are not happy with their ownself. They basically dont love their soul. Hmm, again love their soul, that brought on another 1 hour topic and answers it was very enlightening and i am glad to say i didnt fall in those categories, yeah!!! lol even though i know many who have but never thought of it this way. They can learn to love their soul but it takes tons to get there i was like wow i would be not wanting to go thru all that but it is nice to know that you can learn to love your soul. I am liking that statement. LOVE YOUR SOUL. - iguess you have to love your self inorder to love others. Just rambling but i wanted to remember this topic.

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